Au About Us
Patriot is a leading provider of on-demand interactive telecommunications services, database management and Internet solutions. Patriot operates a state-of-the-art communications network that hosts an array of feature-rich enhanced IVR services, locator applications and telephone message broadcasting. Patriot’s web-based reporting tools allow customers to interact with their consumer data and access sales, marketing and demographic information. In addition, Patriot offers traditional telemarketing and direct marketing services.

Patriot provides solutions that meet today’s ever-changing, increasingly sophisticated business needs. The end result is a single source for the entire direct marketing process, through virtually any medium.

Patriot has offices in Los Angeles, Portland, Phoenix, Philadelphia, New York and Charleston.

In 2006, Patriot expanded internationally to service customers in Ireland, Spain, Australia, UK, France, Israel and Turkey.

Patriot supports more than 350 customers, 2,000 applications and 40,000 toll-free telephone numbers.

Patriot Communications is an important member of the U.S. International Media family of companies. USIM is a full service media management company specializing in national broadcast, local spot television and radio, newspapers and magazines, outdoor, direct mail, direct response and on-line media research, planning and buying. USIM is the fastest growing media management company in the country.