Cs CableSeek®
Cable Seek

CableSeek® is Patriot’s proprietary national cable system database that consists of the specific operating boundaries of every local cable system in the United States. Matched to PreciseCalc®, Patriot can immediately identify the local cable system a caller belongs to, whether or not cable systems offer a particular network and even route callers to their appropriate local cable systems. CableSeek® is ideal for affiliate acquisition and retention programs, consumer promotions, sweepstakes and pay-per-view events. Patriot can immediately deliver faxes to local cable systems indicating consumer interest.

The Aggressive Approach: Consumers route directly to local cable systems or satellite providers so they can request that the network be added to their cable service.

The Consultative Approach: We capture callers’ names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses as well as provide the local telephone number of the cable system or satellite provider that services them. A letter for each consumer that calls is faxed directly to the local cable system indicating consumer interest in the network.

Web Cable Seek Web-CableSeek® utilizes Patriot’s proprietary CableSeek® database to guide Internet users to their local servicing cable system. Used primarily for subscriber acquisition applications, contests and sweepstakes, Web-CableSeek® allows cable subscribers (or potential subscribers) to verify whether or not their cable system carries a network’s programming. Patriot can immediately deliver faxes to local cable systems indicating consumer interest.

Using an entered zip code, our technology accesses a database listing of all cable systems and their serviceable areas. Web-CableSeek® then identifies whether or not the user’s cable system carries the network.

Typical Web-CableSeek® applications:

  • Initiate a search within the specified zip code.
  • Display static satellite information on right hand side of all result pages.
  • Display the results; provides contact information for the cable provider if the channel is available.
  • Collect demographic and contact information for all users.
  • Provide an email opt-in for newsletters or updates for all users.
  • Allow users to fax a network request to their selected cable or satellite provider if the channel is not available.
  • Fax can be previewed before submission to the provider.
  • Email confirmation of faxed letter is sent if user provides an email address.