Pt PhoneTouch®

PhoneTouch® is Patriot’s proprietary message broadcasting service that delivers scores of recorded messages via its telephone network to your target audience. PhoneTouch® delivers your message to your customers' answering machines, voice mail and to live customers, using professionally scripted and recorded voice messages. Our technology differentiates whether the call is answered either by a live customer or an answering machine and delivers the appropriate message. The message can sound like it was left by a live caller, and you can use a personality that the customer is familiar with. PhoneTouch® is flexible, cost-effective and can connect to a live attendant for immediate interaction.

Industry research shows that only 20% of direct mail actually is opened by the intended recipients. Effective message broadcasting – PhoneTouch® – yields up to three times the response rate of direct mail, but at only a fraction of the cost.

PhoneTouch® messages can be used for:

  • Contacting and up-selling existing customers
  • Retention programs
  • Customer appreciation
  • Collection programs
  • Special announcements
  • Sales events
  • Service calls

Patriot has developed the most robust technology in the industry, ensuring accurate call results. We can deliver over 100,000 PhoneTouch® messages per hour.

Patriot complies with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and individual state guidelines and policies regarding outbound telephone calls. Patriot subscribes to and utilizes all available federal and state do-not-call databases. In addition, Patriot maintains an in-house database of reported telephone numbers from consumers who have contacted Patriot and its clients directly.