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Gain better insight into your toll-free activity with Patriot’s Watchdog® service. Watchdog® includes customer relationship management and an inbound call simulator to show you exactly what is happening with your toll-free calls. First, Watchdog®’s advanced functionality can enable more accurate monitoring of your call centers by reporting how many lost leads were generated. Secondly, Watchdog® can be used as a “secret shopper” tool to measure the performance of your personnel in the field. Watchdog® is the perfect complement to traditional market research data acquisition and competitive analyses.

Watchdog®’s Customer Relationship Management Technology
Toll-free calls are routed through Patriot’s Watchdog® network, where Watchdog® captures available information, including:

  • Advertising lead source
  • Call disposition (answered, busy, ring-no-answer, abandoned, etc.)
  • Caller’s telephone number
  • Caller’s name and address

Patriot’s Watchdog® network routes calls immediately to your designated call center(s), bypassing queues, while tracking results from inception to hang-up. Watchdog® reports are compared to daily call center data to adjudicate results. Benefits include:

  • Improved vendor management through comparison of Watchdog® reports and daily call center data
  • More efficient call center routing allocation
  • Disaster recovery, business continuity and campaign ROI implementation
  • Digital recording of inbound calls, enabling online conversation review
  • Customer re-contact through PhoneTouch®, facilitating contacting callers that hung up or were disconnected, so that you get another chance to gain customer satisfaction, confirm order status, or conduct customer experience surveys
"Watchdog is an outstanding tool. The results for us were immediate. We are now able to easily and efficiently monitor all of our call centers' activity while we dial in our creative message and our media. Since we made the call centers aware that we had a level of reporting above their own, our order conversions increased more than 50%."
   — Jason Miller, Method Films

Watchdog®’s Call Simulation Technology
You run plenty of promotions throughout the year, but how can you be sure your personnel in the field are executing them successfully? Patriot’s Watchdog® Call Simulator is your secret weapon. Whether it’s through your existing IVR application or through a direct-to-location solution, the Call Simulator will anonymously connect your test call to the appropriate location and record your conversation. Your recording is posted to our client services website just minutes after your call ends. The benefits of the Watchdog® Call Simulator are:

  • Improved performance evaluation
  • Enhanced training techniques
  • Greater consistency in product/service delivery
  • Higher customer retention rates

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